Dr Mark Gorbatov


Dr Mark Gorbatov


Consultant Retinal Surgeon

Dr Mark Gorbatov is a specialist eye surgeon with expertise in the surgical management of retinal diseases. He graduated dux of his year in medical school, receiving the highest accolade in the form of the prestigious University Medal from the University of Sydney.

Dr Gorbatov is a consultant ophthalmologist at Sydney Eye Hospital where he provides emergency retinal surgery as well as complex retinal surgery referred in from all over NSW.

As a vitreoretinal surgeon, Dr Gorbatov’s interests are in surgery for retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, diabetic retinopathy, and dislocated lens including sutured intraocular lens implants for complicated cataract surgery. He is uniquely qualified to perform endoscopic vitrectomy, a rarely required but highly specialized technique for performing vitrectomy surgery in eyes without a clear view through the pupil.


Dr Gorbatov trained to be an ophthalmologist at Sydney Eye Hospital, having obtained his medical qualifications from the University of Sydney. He undertook further subspecialist fellowship training in Medical & Surgical Retina at the Lions Eye Institute in Perth, and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in the United Kingdom.

Public Hospital Appointment

Dr Gorbatov is currently a consultant eye surgeon and member of the Retinal Unit at Sydney Eye Hospital.

Sydney Eye Hospital is a nationally and internationally renowned quaternary referral eye centre for all types of eye diseases and complex cases. It provides unique 24-hour emergency department for eye conditions and Dr Gorbatov has special admitting privileges and ability to provide retinal surgery to both public and private patients.

He also trains retinal fellows, ophthalmology registrars, junior doctors and medical students at Sydney Eye Hospital.

Clinical Research

Dr Gorbatov has research interests in the areas of retinal imaging such as OCT scans, macula hole surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, and treatments for age-related macular degeneration. He has published widely in peer-reviewed medical journals and has also been involved as investigator on national and international clinical trials in the treatment of macular degeneration, such as the FLUID and RIVAL studies.

Dr Gorbatov is actively engaged in the clinical audit, quality of care improvement initiatives and research activities of the Retinal Unit at Sydney Eye Hospital.